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High Tide Journal

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Deep dive gender rights big data or, vibrant mass incarceration, inclusion cultivate inspirational.


Human-centered, mass incarceration B-corp; sustainable social enterprise; green space.


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Podcast  Episode 90

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My go-to tools for starting a thriving business on autopilot

My go-to tools for starting a thriving business on autopilot

Ep. 90

10 ways to avoid burnout when running your own business

Ep. 316

How to make time for your laptop lifestyle side hustle

Ep. 61

Getting out of your comfort zone — Interview with Jenna Kutcher

Ep. 282

My Why: Beating the fear and going for that dream job!

Ep. 01

Just imagine if we could crawl through your phone and fireside chat about all of the topics to soothe your burning hunger to know all the things related to owning your own business and rocking that fine line of balance... Well pull up a seat and let's slay that 9-5 dragon.

— Lidia Cannon

Creative, generous, funny and brilliant. Hands down the best!

— Tyler Bakersfield

Creative business owners HAVE to listen to this. Sound and solid advice!

— Raving Reviewer

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Passport Podcast


These are a few of my favorite things:
the mountains. love letters. old romance. fall leaves, fireside chats. belly laughs. horse stables. flowers, especially peonies. seeing strangers smile. coffee shops. a chai tea latte. a good sunset. dancing in the rain. my better half, and our fluffs, Leo & Koda. margaritas with extra salt. dogs, all animals really. wildflowers. wild horses. alpine lakes. cozy cabins. the underrated feeling of a long hug. the sound of morning doves. the smell of pine. fly fishing. love poems. cross country road trips. polaroid photos. the mountains. the winding waters of a roaring river.

If you like photos that are rooted in the art of living, love and nature, then you've come to the right place.

Alexandria Rraci

Photographer, explorer, artist & storyteller.

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